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PLC Controls and HMI

About Project

When a client engaged Industrial Controls Automation to collaborate with a partner to design and build a turnkey human-machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) system for a large facility, we responded with our typical can-do attitude. Starting with the client’s specific use case, requirements and specifications, ICA constructed a highly precise three-stage hydraulic press. Assembled from a high-speed Mitsubishi processor, Parker proportional valves and ultrasensitive Balluff pressure sensors and transducers, ICA’s press is fully compliant with ANSI standards. The press hydraulic cylinder can travel up to 100 mm for per second while meeting tight motion and force tolerances within 1 millimeter and 1 newton. ICA built an intuitive and ergonomic HMI founded on Mitsubishi’s next-generation GOT2000 graphic operation terminal.

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