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Remote Monitoring

About Project

ICA has built a reputation for customizing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. This excellence led an automotive supplier to seek our assistance in developing the most economical method for collecting data from its existing equipment. The customer sought to document data from its machinery and automatically flow it into performance reports. At the same time, the manufacturer needed to notify specific employers in the event circumstances triggered the equipment’s warnings and alarms. ICA decided the best approach was to implement Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 series HMI tailored with additional features. For instance, ICA facilitated alarm-triggered email notification of key IT, production, and maintenance personnel based on priority levels. Since the reporting requirement called for customer-specific formatting, ICA custom-coded the GOT sensors to generate documentation that could be read, stored, and mobilized by downstream applications. We established data flow via file-transfer protocol (FTP)to network drivers that distributed the reports to the client’s management team for real-time analysis. As always, our service demonstrated our drive to provide the most reliable and intuitive solutions.

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